Camp and Furnace

“Can’t be arsed going all the way to the CUC, it’s miles away. Lets just stay in town.” *CUC closes down* *Camp & Furnace does some great gigs* “HEY EVERYONE LET’S GO TO… Continue reading

The Quarter

WordPress have changed their layout and I don’t know how to write a fucking blog anymore.I think i’m doing it correctly now. We went The Quarter a while ago. Personally I’ve had some… Continue reading

The Tavern Company

The Tavern on Allerton Road. I’d never heard of the place and thought it was probably miles away. After learning it was just by Smithdown Road I was very pleased. See, you learn… Continue reading


Found on Stanley Street, ‘Delifonseca’ is named after one C. Fonseca who had such trouble finding a good deli in Liverpool that she built her own. (Or so the website implies.) This is a lovely… Continue reading


First up, do you see what they did with the name? RhuBARb. Because it’s a bar, right? So it’s like a word in a word and it’s a play on words. Dead clever.… Continue reading

Cafe Tabac

Nestled at the top of Bold Street is arguably one of the best venues in Liverpool. It’s cosy atmosphere and great music is accessible to anyone; from the hipster to the aged gent.… Continue reading

Moose Coffee

Moose Coffee is a Canadian/American venue on Dale Street. It claims to bring American breakfasts to England, but personally if you want that I would have thought you’d just go to McDonalds. Oh… Continue reading

The Dovey (Formally Dovedale Towers)

The Dovey is a gorgeous looking building that can be found on The Beatle’s favourite street, Penny Lane. It’s famous for once housing Freddie Mercury and he’s quite good. Albeit dead. It seems… Continue reading

Pogue Mahone

Pogue Mahone is an Irish themed pub that can be found in the city centre, near the top of Seel Street. Situated opposite a pile of vomit that was most likely produced by one… Continue reading

What is Toast? (Baby don’t burn me)

Welcome to the “Blog on Toast”. Or, I suppose, Blogs on Toast. If this idea is stolen it’ll be Poached Blogs on Toast. At that point we’ll probably have to password protect the site… Continue reading