First up, do you see what they did with the name? RhuBARb. Because it’s a bar, right? So it’s like a word in a word and it’s a play on words. Dead clever.

Rhubarb can be found on Lark Lane. I love Lark Lane it’s got some fantastic pubs and bars situated on it and Rhubarb is no exception.

“BUT WHAT ABOUT THE FOOD?” I hear you cry. Well, lets find out.

Onna Madone“Rhubarb – I salute you, lovely service by an even lovelier lady. Food was scrumptious with only the beans letting things down by being cool…u cud say cool beans but it wasnt!! Anyway wat made it for me was that you could learn Spanish while having a dump. 9.5”

Jungle Trouble – “Brilliant meal at Rhubarb. Slightly spoiled by Johnny Concrete’s wanton display of selfishness by calling shotgun before he saw the car and eating Terry Snatchett’s last potato when I clearly wanted it but this wont go against the overall scoring of the venue. Great service and meal, a strong 9.”

Johnny Concrete“A cracking breakie! Solid turnout, but enough of Onna’s dump. Great breakfast, just the right size portions, coffee (or tea) and orange juice included in the price of under £6 means Rhubard slightly betters Tabac in scoring a 9.25. Only letdown was the pathetic milk jugs and Terry not actually vomiting, it was very close at times!”

Overall Score – 9.25/10

Final Thoughts – Unfortunately I think Terry was too hungover to actually write a review however if he hadn’t been it probably would have gone something like this. “Ah, I fucked up by going drinking the night before, lads. I was dead sick and ruined my breakfast. When I got home I sicked it all up because I’m pathetic.”

Or words to that effect.