What Is Toast?

Toast is a monthly Saturday morning breakfast club in Liverpool for gentlemen with a penchant and palette for the finer fried, grilled & boiled.

A different venue is chosen each month by the group members and rated for future visits. Ratings take into account quality of food, venue aesthetics, class of service and whether or not the member is hungover at the time.

They then put the reviews onto this website because… bleh. That’s why.


As the views and opinions of our mysterious Toasters can boarder on the controversial it’s probably best that their identities are kept secret. So they use pseudonyms.

Also, this way they wont start getting kicked out of places if they give them bad marks.

Have suggestions? Wish to complain? Want to hump Toast’s collective legs? You can contact them on blogsontoast@gmail.com.

TOAST – Where everyone is made up that the points don’t matter!