Moon and Pea

After a few attempts to book the Moon and Pea with no joy, we thought the best way to ensure we get to sample the highly recommended establishment was to wait at the door until they opened….even if it meant staying outside ALL NIGHT…which we didn’t have to.



“After a hiatus of 3 toasts I was looking forward to a big breakfast and an even bigger helping of banter. I wasn’t to be disappointed.
The moon and pea on lark lane was a fair trek for me from North Liverpool but is well situated and the place was full shortly after opening at 10am.
Us toasters had been put off a couple of times by the moon and peas reluctance to take big bookings. This time we opted for the Russian approach of arriving mob handed and annexing a corner for ourselves. Unsurprisingly this was met with resistance as the staff refused our request to move a couple of tables so we could all sit together. That aside the staff were friendly, attentive, and even came running out as we were leaving to return a forgotten pair of sunglasses.
The menu offered a wide choice vegan, vegetarian, American, standard full English, large full English and croissants for the more continental of you. Extra sides were also available giving maximum flexibility.
I had the standard English with halloumi. It was a good size and contained black pudding, beans, choice of egg, 1 sausage, 1 bacon, mushrooms, tomato, fried potato, and toast. The quality of the ingredients were decent and it offered v good value for money at around £6.
It was a good group of toasters – 9 in total and despite being spread over three tables there was good banter had.
Despite being v busy we weren’t put under pressure to leave and I have to say overall I would have no problem recommending the Moon & Pea.
Overall 7.5/10 for me”

Onamadone – Moon Cat Stevens

“Brekkie was great even if it was segregated. 2 superb latte’s, went for a curveball with eggs Benedict and it was scrumptious. Service was spot on even if they were steadfast about the furniture arrangements. It was rounded off nicely by going the Albert and watching Man U play against a resolute Burnley side like they were a mid table calamity..oh wait there!. A solid 7.5/10″

Mr Kirk Douglas – We saw the whole of the Moon…

“We counteracted the threat of not being able to book in by being the first people there. The perfect plan seemed foolproof, even to a sufficiently foolish fool. Upon telling the lovely staff we had a few people and could we pull the tables together we were told that we couldn’t.
With a triangle table formation of 6-2-1, the Moon & Pea informed a Toaster that they had a ‘No moving furniture policy’…it was only later we realised they held this is in higher regard to the ‘no tramps coming in for a piss policy’.
This aside, the menu was a cracker. Something for everyone and I personally had been waiting to savour this treat for a long time. The Pea breakfast (one of everything) ticked all the boxes, the stand out items being the sausage and black pudding however the beans were a bit sparse and weren’t as hot as they could have been. The bacon was a bit crap. A few mishaps on the orders but nothing severe.
The cappuccino was great as was the orange juice and despite the sitting arrangements this was a lovely little Toast, however it lost it’s fully inclusive atmosphere and left those on the outskirts probably feeling like the boy in striped pyjamas.
Overall a 7/10, not quite a full moon.”

Overall score – 7.3/10