The newly opened Everyman and eagerly anticipated Bistro has been one on the Toasters wish list for quite some time. Due to numerous commitments across the board, it was going to be another quiet one with only four Toasters. Everyman for themselves!


Mr Kirk Douglas – Assaulted at the Everyman

“A small Toast this week due to sporting, disco and hangover events however there was enough beard to get some crumbs stuck in so all was right with the world.
After hearing mixed reviews about the Everyman it was time to get the real test of the place by people who know what they’re talking about, so who better than 3 lovies and one proper lad. The layout was pretty deece however there was no background noise, which meant singing songs about paedophiles had to be done in hushed tones rather than a flamboyant sing-a-long.
The brekkie was good VFM at £5.95 and they let me swap Tomato…Mushroom…FOR HALLOUMI! The apartheinz standard was adhered to and the coffee was so nice I paid for everyone’s except Tom’s.
However…things weren’t as they seemed. The sausage was a bit grizzly, but locally sourced so excusable, however the bacon and halloumi were saltier than Robert Maxwell’s black suit. The poached egg was pretty good and I can’t even remember if there was a black pudding. In fact there wasn’t but there should have been.
Overall it’s getting a good 7/10, would revisit in that area if the Clovey wasn’t open….Mmmmmm…The Clovey…..”

Overall score – 7/10