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The newly opened Everyman and eagerly anticipated Bistro has been one on the Toasters wish list for quite some time. Due to numerous commitments across the board, it was going to be another… Continue reading

The Vines

The Vines was always going to be a risky choice for a Toast, however needs must and we can’t be snobs and if you won’t eat where you’d drink what would that make… Continue reading


After a tip off for a Breakfast Delish to Relish, a small number booked in….but things escalated bringing an almighty amount of hunks at late notice…how would they cope? And with the late… Continue reading

The Blackburne Arms

An all you can eat breakfast???? A buffet of Brekkies??? Ulster Fry in Liverpool? This had to be checked out, it was not a case of quality against quantity it was a case… Continue reading

Hanover Street Social

We’d heard good things about the Hanover Street Social, but these had also been mixed with some bad experiences. We had a full day ahead of us with War museums, darts, drinking, football… Continue reading

Brasco Lounge

A new bar in town on the Docks, one that somehow looks completely inoffensive, warmly inviting and reasonable prices. They do breakfasts too, so we had to put it to the test. Now… Continue reading


Leaf is my “go-to” place for meetings. You need to have a meeting? Go to Leaf. It’s boss inside, the staff are friendly, there’s a great selection of teas and other drinks and… Continue reading

Wro Bar

We arrived at West Kirby for our annual crabbing day. Every year we’ll head to the water front armed with plastic buckets, fishing line, nets and smoked bacon and we capture poor, unsuspecting… Continue reading

The Tavern Company

The Tavern on Allerton Road. I’d never heard of the place and thought it was probably miles away. After learning it was just by Smithdown Road I was very pleased. See, you learn… Continue reading

Moose Coffee

Moose Coffee is a Canadian/American venue on Dale Street. It claims to bring American breakfasts to England, but personally if you want that I would have thought you’d just go to McDonalds. Oh… Continue reading