Hanover Street Social

hanover st

We’d heard good things about the Hanover Street Social, but these had also been mixed with some bad experiences. We had a full day ahead of us with War museums, darts, drinking, football and slave labour. We needed this head start like a smackhead needs to wake up and find a quid.

Clarence Boddicker

“Bants 100%
Service 40%
45 minute wait for a Coffee 0%
Food 90%
Fitness of waitreses 80%
Different uses for a napkin 100%
Value for money ( not including fuck up ) 70%
Toast awesomeness 100%
Overall 7.5/10

Anyone that adds up all my percentages and says actually its x amount out of 10 is a cunt.”

Grill Scoff Herring – “Best turn out yet!

I thought the coffee was superb, I had a Latte and a Black Americano both hit the spot.

The food was amongst the best I’ve had, especially the Black Pudding which was a dream of blood. Some serious service issues, not good when people have been waiting a long time to order drinks and staff are seemingly standing around doing nowt. I also felt too guilty to ask for no mushrooms and I hate mushrooms. Hot waitress didn’t put a foot wrong though, so I hope she got the £20 tip to spend in Victoria’s Secret or even if she went to La Senza she could buy even more undies for the money.

Gutted I didn’t see the polishing, but made up I saw the ‘Shaun of the Dead Style’ other version of us and, the female version ‘Crumpet’ Terry Snatchett and also what Luther Two-Tashe looks like as a burns victim.


MONKEY“Upon arriving late (my apologies) I was treated to a warm welcome which was greatfully received, among hugs and hi fives.

A quick acknowledgement to the waiter of my desire for a latte, and unlike others at the table, I received it promptly. Full breakfast ordered and a fantastic buzz around the table as ever.

Brekie arrived, my first observation was the single slice of bacon, with 2 egg and 2 sausage.. Not in my opinion balanced, 2 slices of bacon surely.

Other than that. Black pudding was killer, although do like mine a little crisper on the outside. Home made baked beans (extra effort marks). Only other gripe, not enuff TOAST and came too late in my noshing of the meal.
Value for money.. So far due to technical issues, this wins hands down.

Service-6 ( woulda been more if I had witnessed said stainless buffing)
Food- 7.5( but with a little bit of pre thought they coulda broken into realms of 9)
Value for money-10 (althought would like to re-mark sometime when till doesn’t die)

Mr Kirk Douglas “I was a bit apprehensive towards this knowing about the potential no swap scenario and knowing that I’d booked for too few but couldn’t be arsed phoning up to change.

Unlike most others I lucked out here, got lovely coffee on arrival, asked for no mushrooms and toms and asking for a surprise in its place – another bit of bacon. Another coffee when I asked for it and the boss fuckup making it ridick valz for munz!

The black pudding was the nicest I’ve ever tasted, however the other bits weren’t outstanding, kind of like Liverpool FC where they have one brilliant player, one pretty good one and the rest just made up the team. Missing a hash brown though and needs overall better service. The hot waitress is one to watch. Literally.

Overall I’m giving the Social an 8/10!”

FTP – “I thought the food was really good. A nice take on the beans and a great black pudding. However it wasn’t as hot as I would want. Service was average but the till error in our favour was a brucey bonus. All in all I would say 8/10

Jungle Trouble  – “Waited 3 years for a coffee. Finally got the coffee and it was just alright.

SERIOUS issues with swapping, instantly points were lost and murmurs spread down the table in quiet shock and disbelief. Considering we were the biggest party in the restaurant and there was more of us than the whole of the rest of the place combined (including the staff) the fact that they don’t normally do swaps at a weekend because it’s busy shouldn’t have even been mentioned.

Points were gained back with the introduction of super hot waitress. Further points were gained when she spent time polishing the silver barrier in a sultry manner.

Terry Snatchett had the best jokes. 7.5/10

P.S. Oh yeah, my food was good too.”

Jester Fortune“A lot better than expected. Service reminded me of a school canteen. Fit waitress and boss black pudding. Cock up on the till made this a bargain. Rival toast looked like a gang of cunts. 7/10

The Prince“Reeto. Lost all of my notes as had my phone swapped so will mention what I remember.

Firstly. Banging hot barmaid.
Tea and coffee average. Think the latte only had one shot of espresso. Weak.
Swap scandal! Only found out afterwards about half the table getting swaps and half not. Outrageous behaviour. Wasn’t even that busy. I was fortunate to get a swapsie though like so DER!
Food was shound. There was a tardiness on the toast though. How can you fuck that up. Spastics. The Standout for me was the BEANS. Very good and unique. Its hard to find beans that differ from the standard heinz that are acceptable – but these were in a league of their own. The butter was a little weird too.

Unsure what to give this one. Enjoyed it throughly (even with Monkey going on about his pregnant cat eating the sack of afterbirth)…

I’m going to give this one a 6.8/10. I would only go back to perv at the barmaid.”

Overall – 7.53/10

Final thoughts – A mixed bag from the Toasters with problems being with the coffee service – first lesson of toasting – give the last person in a drink and a menu! The Black Pudding and Waitress have been known to be talked about for a long time ever since.