The Brink


THE BRINK is an establishment we’ve always dabbled towards, however when Annie’s Tea Rooms cancelled on US we were left clutching at straws, you could say we were on ‘the brink’ of starvation and this particular venue could more than provide for several ravenous ravishing lads!

Jungle Trouble – “I was able to do the usual swaps of bacon & beans for an egg and sausage but the fact that I had to then ask for my black pudding as it had been left off only exacerbated my mood created from needing to get up and ask for my latte to be made after having waited for it for half an hour. And what was with getting only half a black pudding anyway!?

Severe lack of a hash brown complimented my dry piece of toast, a quick scan of the table showed there was no butter anywhere in sight but by which time I couldn’t be arsed getting up and asking for more things so I just left it. Floating pancakes were a bit meh also.

The banter was great, as always, but that has nothing to do with the establishment itself. I believe if I were to try and have banter with the staff they’d look at me in mild confusion and then try to over complicate the joke whilst giving me a cold, dead stare, as they seem to do when taking the order. Anyone would think the place was run solely by recovering addicts.

On the brink of averageness – 5/10

Grill Scoff Herring – “Quick Review from me.

Great value, Below Average Portions, So So Ingredients, A Few Bumbles with Service but Very Friendly. Nice Coffee.


Monkey – “Can’t complain about value, lack of hash brown certainly an issue, appreciated tea in individual pots included in price, service was fair, but no outstanding feature to the breakfast. Also I know a pathetic gripe but I like my toast served in halfs.


FTP – “Good turnout and usual high standard of banter. The breakfast was good value but nothing to write home about. Service and venue fine. 6/10

Clarence Boddicker – “Oh ladz oh ladz oh ladz oh ladz !

Proper hank marvin and eagerly awaiting a good scran but was left feeling deflated after a late change to The Brink on Parr Street.

I am a big fan of not fucking with the FE trying to make it something it isn’t but feel on this occasion a bit of something extra wouldn’t of gone a miss. It felt to me like one of the mass produced FE I used to get dished out in my Army days duwing the wawer only with less effort – half a black pudding was an insult, the beans were over cooked. The whole thing seemed as though it was dumped on my plate with no thought as to how to give it the edge over the competition. Claimed a point back for probably one of the best Toast coffees I’ve had.


Toast is awesome, if it was a lass I’d try and pull it.”

The Prince – “TOOOAST!

The service was excellent and the tea menu was very extensive and teapigs. The lady who took our orders did ask us if we would like our drinks to be brought out with the food or after. Which I thought was a nicety. She also said “I’m here to serve you” when we asked what would be easier.

The veggie breakfast was good! The veggie sausages were spot on PROPER VEGGIE SAUS LAD. None of that quorn cop out stuff. Portion was just about right. Although it would have been nice to butter my own toast coz I like to drown it.

The tomato! Was done just right. And although this is the most  useless item on a breakfast dish (in my eyes), its good to gauge a place on how this was done as most places burn them.


Mr Kirk Douglas – “Nothing outstanding here, they dealt with the numbers well, the sausages were borderline mass produced frankfurters, egg was good, swaps INCREDIBLE (extra point) friendliness and helpful staff were a bonus too.

They seemed happy just delivering a breakfast instead of an experience. Wouldn’t recommend it but at the same time wouldn’t diss it. Floating pancakes were a disappointment and if I’d ordered them as a regular brekky I would have pissed on the seat with anger.

To the Brink and back? Nah, just the once will do me – 6.5/10″

Overall 6.07/10

Final Thoughts – A bit hit and miss on the breakies and certainly lost points for doing things by halves, service on the whole good as well as the swaps  but that’s pretty much all it had going for it.