Brasco Lounge

Brasco Lounge

A new bar in town on the Docks, one that somehow looks completely inoffensive, warmly inviting and reasonable prices. They do breakfasts too, so we had to put it to the test. Now we LOVE Brasses so we’re hoping the Brasco will be just as choice.

Clarence Boddicker “After missing last months Toast I was chomping at the bit to get down to The Brasco Lounge to get a good Breakky and top bants.

Slipping in at just under £7 old faithful FE ( or lounge breakfast ) didn’t disappoint even with the sausage patty that after seeing it on the menu I expected something similar to one of the squashed dog turd things that mcdonalds serve up. After negotiating the egg on toast/beans in a cup stack ( no need ) I enjoyed it. Coffee average, service great. With a little more effort on the hash brown scene and less effort from the trip advisor review whore this is defiantly one not to miss.

Bants low key due to nippers and baby elmo on the scene,


Mr Kirk Douglas – Everything top but Hash Down.

“Lovely venue and a great turn out in what was an egg cracking Toast. The menu was diverse with something for everyone’s fancy ranging from pancakes through Full English to Steak and Eggs. All were kwoll (street jive for quality) and with the most expensive option being under £10 it was set to be a culinary delight for some ravenous ravishing hot lads.

Went for the FE after being here previously and the quality was epic. Lovely egg and Toast that even I liked, the sausage patty was amazing and the bacon was bacon. I liked the way you got a little pot of beans to keep them warm and also choose what bit of your brekongz you want hydrating. Black pudding was ace AND GET THIS the swaps were immense, I swapped mushrooms and tomato for roasted red pepper. How middle class am I and that and the fact that you could mix and match from the veggie menu was a bonus.

Food came in good time and orders were spot on, the place itself is somewhere you could spend a good few hours and some nice bevz on tap if you wanted to spend the afternoon.

Two massive downsides though, firstly the Hash browns. There’s no making everything top notch and then use frozen Hashies as it stands out a mile, as the Yorkshire people would say, “They spoil’ t’ship for a ha’p’orth of tar.”

Second one is the ordering, when you’ve got a table it makes more sense to come and take everyone’s order rather then have everyone go up individually. Didn’t really make any sense at all as they’d come and check up if everything was okay and to order coffee.

If they get this sorted it’d be a solid 9.5, as it is however it’s getting an 8 but locally to me a place I’ll be visiting again and again.


Jungle Trouble – “In short – I had steak for breakfast. It was superb. I spoke at Neil for too long about Australia. Breakfast jacket.


Terry Snatchett – “I like it when someone dresses up for Toast, it’s a good sign. Like when Kirk came tuxed-up on my first and it was a cracker! A few days have passed and I still haven’t worked out what Jungle was wearing. It was part smoking jacket, part kimono but completely camp.

Plumped for the FE despite a late challenge from whatever the one with the chorizo in was called. Was still quite hung-over and didn’t think to ask for a swapsie for my mushie and get some hippy shit like Kirk’s.
(-0.5 to me). I always look for a ‘something extra’ when judging the brekkies and for the Brasco Lounge it was a ‘Fist of Sausage!’ Delightful! And I gobbled it all up… Yamma Yamma, Yamma! Yes we’ve
been spoiled by the CH’s HB’s but they weren’t the really cheap and nasty frozen ones. They were at least one up. I liked the look of the Steak & Eggs and the Chorizo thing, which is promising for a
future visit.

The venue was pretty laid back meaning the bantz could be turned up to 11. The brekkie has a little bit catch up… 8/10.

Johnny Concrete – “Yes, yes and yes. ’twas a good one this. Enjoyed the venue very much, lovely ambience and it was a fine turnout. I went a bit rogue and had the French Toast with fruit and a side order of syrup and I was not disappointed, lovely stuff. I did get mugged off (boom boom) with my caramel macchiato, even a borrower wold have considered it tiny. Stupid Starbucks, firstly paying very little tax and now making me look a tit with my tiny coffee. That was the old downside though. Nice to meet Monkey properly and as Steward paid for me, I effectively ate for free. That woman was a bit obsessed with tripadvisor, she needs to watch that. 8/10.

Overall – 7.98

Final thoughts – Brilliant score from the new contender – especially for one down in the more expensive fringes of town. If they sort out those blag hash browns and come to the table to take orders, this is going to be the first port of call for that end of town.

Nice one Donnie Osmond lad.