Neighbourhood Cafe


Big talk had been bouncing around this place for a while however the price put a lot of people off this one on the run up to it. Was it going to be worth it’s weight in Toast or Brown Bread? Let the LADZ see the NADZ!

Mr Kirk Douglas “Slow Paced, Great Taste, Bit of a Money Waste.

Neighbourhood is a nice cosy looking place and got a nice feel on the inside. Ordered a coffee and it came 20 mins later, ordered brekky and it came 40 mins later without any home fries or bacon although this was remedied quickly. She again took our drinks orders to have with our brekky and they arrived about 10 mins after we’d finished.

The food quality was superb, up there with the best of them, home fries an ace addition but no swaps left me a bit angry. The value for money was whack, with a discretionary 10% service charge £9 standard brekko and £2 per cup of coffee we were looking at £15 for a scran which is absurd.

Good turnout with the weather and the location and boss to see SKOD and Onna Madone and their numerous bants.

I can see why people go there as it’s an ace place, but for that price I’d sooner stick my £15 up a strippers chuff. They lost 2 points for value for money and 1.5 point for service giving this Toast a 6.5/10

The Prince – 

“Hyped the place up in my head too much I think.

Tardy service on the drinks

When my latte arrived the mug was covered in it.

Food also extremely slow – I did think about letting them off as they did note in the menu that it might take a while, and it was busy. However, an establishment that has been operational in service for 9 years should have it nailed down by now. Unacceptable the way some of the items were left off Kirk’s and SKOD’s brekkies.

Food itself was decent. Although I got served last I monstered the lot first. Veggie sausages were not amazing.

Considering the price. I’d have to give this a 4.8/10

Onna Madone – “Boyz in the Hood… no shootings or compton massive anywhere so slightly disappointed in that, wud have settled for a spud gun but seems as Kirk didn’t get any homie fries Its a blessing in disguise. I was asked if I wanted ciabatta or whole meal, who cares Jesus didnt but apparently she thought she was better than our saviour, and just cos she gave us 2 OJ Simpson’s FREE, the irony. 7 cos the poached eggs were nice, service was crap but it was opposite my spiritual local,p.s where was Sammy Lee?


Overall – 6.1

Final thoughts – Softly softly does not always catch the monkey. Although great quality scran, it seems that the slow pace made the whole experience a bit of hard boiled egg. Nay good, Neighbourhood! If you’ve got money to burn and time to kill, this is the place for you.