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Bretta & Co.

Bretta & Co. is a new addition to the top end of town, just off the beaten track between Bold St & Renshaw Street it’s no-nonsense ‘pick your items’ breakfast meant no messing… Continue reading

Liverpool Marina Bar & Grill

DING DING DING DING!!! Forks down! It’s over! It’s all over! The worst venue for breakfast in the whole of Merseyside has been found! With miserable staff, terrible service and sub-par brek this means… Continue reading

City Cafe

City Cafe is one of those establishments that you walk past time and time again with people nipping in and out with shifty take away packages like they’ve just got a fix of crack.… Continue reading

Neighbourhood Cafe

Big talk had been bouncing around this place for a while however the price put a lot of people off this one on the run up to it. Was it going to be… Continue reading

The Sir Thomas Hotel

The Sir Thomas Hotel was to be the choice venue for a Birthday celebration of a namesake Toaster, for the price it could have been a guaranteed bargain. Usually a place we would… Continue reading