Bretta & Co.

Bretta & Co. is a new addition to the top end of town, just off the beaten track between Bold St & Renshaw Street it’s no-nonsense ‘pick your items’ breakfast meant no messing around with swaps and a simple order system. Didn’t it?




“After giving a number of very high scores for my breakfasts earlier this year I’ve hit a bit of a rocky patch with the last couple of toasts delivering par or below par breakfasts. I hoped bretta & co would reverse that trend. It has a great location, close enough to bold street to be convenient but just enough off it not to feel the Saturday hustle & bustle. It was on first impressions a nicely sized venue with tables well spaced. Coffee orders were quickly taken and brought. There looked to be a good variety of breakfast options from a fry through to waffles and the ability to build your own 5, 7 or 10 item breakfast boded for us picky toasters (the lack of halloumi being the only thing missing and to be fair I consider it’s provision a bonus rather than a prerequisite).

That unfortunately represented the high point it was a downhill experience from there. Our order was taken in pain staking detail, which is fine but then waiting 40 minutes and most of us not getting what we ordered is not. I ordered 2 sausage, 2 bacon, poached egg, black pudding, and grilled tomato but instead got 1 sausage, 2 bacon, poached egg, black pudding, hashed brown, and beans. Those who complained about the discrepancies were given the impression by the waiter that the fault was somehow ours which is hardly good customer service. Given it was midday and I was starving by the time I got my breakfast I wolfed it down and it was okay. The black pudding was excellent as in fairness were the beans I didn’t want.

Ultimately though the whole experience didn’t feel worth the £10 I paid. Fortunately the banter from my fellow toasters was top notch ranging from look a likes, the death of tolerance all the way to strange injuries. Ultimately though it’s the breakfast I am rating and it’s a 5/10 from me.”

Mr Kirk Douglas – Bretta. The devil you know.

“Initial excitement for Bretta had been building for months, the Trip Advisor reviews brought excitement as had the novel £ an item breakfast meaning swaps were not going to be a problem. But somehow being able to pick exactly what you want was more of a problem. A ticklist would have sufficed in place of going slowly one by one through each item.
I ordered tea having arrived following heavy night and 3 hours sleep and what arrived was a litre of teapot with one teabag meaning the tea got the award for 2014 Toast Worst Tea.
With the hunks arriving by 10:45ish and food ordered not long after the wait of over an hour for the scran to arrive had left the hangover screaming inside my head and almost beyond the point of wanting to eat breakfast. If it wasn’t for the patter of 9 year bit on the sides and a lambasting of the new Signature Living Michael Carroll inspired hotel I would have succumbed to the hangover.
When food finally arrived I was disappointed it wasn’t worse. In the situations where you have awful service, you want to be able to kind of tell people to steer clear, but it wasn’t bad…it was great. Most of it. The egg was poached perfectly, the black pudding great, lovely sausage, home made beans that were up there with the Camp & Furnace, the home made ketchup a perfect accompaniment to the breakfast. The smoked bacon however was rank and was a bit soggy.
If it hadn’t been for the wait, tea, attitude of ‘Pop’ and bacon this would have done very well. But these factors dragged the score down too much and left it with a 6/10.
I can’t believe it’s not Bretta.”

Overall Score – 5.5/10