Barley and Bean

Barley and Bean is a new kid on the block in a much deprived breakfasting area. It ticks all the boxes for every type of visitor and caters for it’s clients quite uniquely with an extensive and varying menu. However we were here t sample the morning food. Scran on!



Our Neil Schwarzenegger

“A very punctual attendance of 10 of the fittest lads in Liverpool arrived at what seemed to be Hipster Central, After a bit of squeezing round the table that was booked for 10 but set for 8 we were under way.
Coffee orders were taken by the lone waitress and dealt with swiftly and arrived with little pots of M&Ms.
A choice of 2 FE, The Master, coming in at a hefty £8 odd and The Apprentice at £6.50.
I chose The Apprentice with no swaps ( I was the only one who ordered standard ) there was quite a bit of too and fro-ing as the waitress sorted out who didn’t want this and that or the other on her iPad Mini, which I’m sure lead to the lengthy delay that seemed to go unnoticed due to the massive amount of Bants flying round. But it soon became apparent when deadlines were being encroached upon for toasters other duties for the day, more coffee please… My Breakfast came out last and without black pudding, as soon as Terry Snatchett and Mr Kirk Douglas realised there’s were missing too our waitress who seemed scared of the Chef bought us some out. I’m not surprised she was scared of him because he must have a massive pot of boiling oil in his kitchen that he uses to cook the black puddings in because mine was hotter than the surface of the sun and I can still taste the oil a good 2 hours later.
The Bacon was dry cured streaky bacon and probably my favourite on a toast to date, Aparthienz were socking ! Basically a thimble with a tea spoon of bean*
The Sausage didn’t look run of the mill but also didn’t stand out. Deep fried hashy and under cooked toast left me feeling disappointed about the whole experience. After breakfast was over and the breakfast rush had died down I was puzzled to see our extra coffees arrive with a second waitress who had just come on shift.
For the money there are better breakfasts to be had in that area.
6.5/10 with an extra point for the first waitresses effort on her own on a busy Saturday morning and one for the Bacon.”

Our Phil Dodger

“After the Governor finally agreeing to day release there was only one place I wanted to be, TOAST!
Situated on the City boundary was a bonus, as my Tag does not allow me into heavy populated areas, we gathered 2 by 2 until 10 boss lads assembled. It was smaller than I expected and we ended up taking up 20% of the eatery, and that was a squeeze but being so close to the boys was not a problem (just like being on B wing).
Our coffee orders were taken by the efficient waitress and delivered quickly with a very strange and randomly distributed shot of M&M’s, the first 5 lads receiving 1 each and the rest left to look on forlornly. Latte was the popular option with Cappuccino a close second, all to a high standard.
The Breakfast order was a bit chaotic, with Jungle Trouble opting to order last as his would be the messiest, little did he know what was to develop! of the 10 orders only 1 was standard with swaps and extra’s at an all time high, never in the history of conversations has the word “Halloumi” been used so many times. The waitress turned to Jungle and reduced his messy order to “a Vegetarian with Sausage”.
Before the food was served the waitress returned to check twice if the order was correct, I put this down to a domineering and confused Chef as she did appear slightly perturbed by the thought of incorrect returns.
Food arrived after a long time and it was an ok breakfast, a few of the lads had items missing but swiftly replaced. The bacon was the highlight and Sausage, sorry chipolata, the let down, Black Pudding was also nicely cooked which could not be said for the Toast (warmed bread). I feel it was slightly overpriced at £6.50 for the amount and quality of the ingredients but the lads always make it priceless, i would give it a 6.84 / 10
Strangely I am now feeling the effects of a Phantom Hangover which can only be explained by either 1, my body having a FE without the boozy night out or 2, inhalation of Jester Fortune‘s fumes.”

Mr Kirk Douglas – Barley and Beans? Barely any Beans more like!

“It was a very punctual turn up for team boss head with everyone walking past Central Perk disappointed that it was still there and wasn’t this new gaff.
The waitress was ace taking orders and had potential for a Top Toast award for customer service and general patter. The menu was cracking with loads to go from and the swaps were no problem with a mushroom for halloumi – incredible swap.
It took quite a while for the food to come but we were a big group and if I didn’t have a tight deadline, I wouldn’t have minded so much. The order for a drink to arrive with the brekko wasn’t in view even after we’d finished.
The food itself was pretty good, the egg was ace as was the bacon but the rest seemed a little too…hmmmm…moist? Not greasy or oily but a bit shiny. The M&M’s were an odd nice touch but the biggest booboo was the lack of beans. I reckon I had about 14 beans which is bonkers for a place that has the word in the title. I liked the chipolata and for the price thought it was pretty good with no bad burps after eating.
I’m throwing a 7/10 in the for this megabrekz, however this could have dropped to a 5 with different waiting staff but every potential balls up was pre-empted.”

Plotatron 9000

“Upon perusal of the menu in advance anticipation of this venture to the far neck of town I was suitability excited about visiting this establishment. However when the brekko was placed in front of me I was disappointed and a tad disheartened.

Up til then it had gone grand with drinks orders taken and received, with the m&m shot glass a delightful way to start ones breakfast.
The field mushrooms in the menu turned out to be button mushrooms-deep fried so they resembled tiny fungusesque brains, I think the hash browns were cooked by just putting them raw on the plate and hot oil being dripped onto them given the greasy texture and taste, the sausage and eggs were nicely cooked and tasted great, I like my toast on the underdone side so was happy with that,black pud was Ok, beans were sorely lacking in quantity and heat being tepid when I was served.
Overall great service from an absolute legend of a waitress who took ten fussy orders in hand with style and aplomb, pity the food didn’t live up to the hype.
5.75/10 Bean there, done that.”

Overall Score – 6.5/10