Cooking up your own Toast

breakfast-world-map-1355442162Frieds, Yolkmans and Countrylife, lend us your peers.

Firstly, thanks for reading our blog. We enjoy eating them as much as you like reading them. We hope that you can get something from our experiences and share in our thoughts. If you don’t then that’s what the comment button is there for so let us know.

“But, wait!” we hear you cry, “How do we Toast like you Toast!?” Well, it’s really easy. Here’s how;

Those of you who read this blog may think that we’re a group of friends who see each other all the time, well it kind of started that way but the way it has evolved has changed everything. Most of the Toasters opinions you read see the others pretty much once a month, at breakfast, if they’re lucky.

Toast is something where anyone can attend. It’s a drop in for people who may have responsibilities of a night so can’t come the boozer, for people who work unsociable hours so never get the chance for some social downtime. Or it’s even as simple as being skint and can spare a tenner a month to come and get some light relief and a fantastic breakfast with good company.

Men are a funny bunch and they can feel awkward talking about their problems & issues and talking about feelings can be even harder. Heck, talking in general can sometimes be difficult! But show us a man who doesn’t have an opinion about how they like their eggs cooked, the quality of bacon or which beans are more superior and we’ll show you a hamster who sits in front of it’s wheel and says, “I can’t be arsed”.

Toast is a chance to have a get together, take a load off and concentrate on the most important meal of the day.

If Ladies can Lunch, why can’t Boys Breakfast?


We have a dream, we’d like to be a “Trip Advisor of breakfast” for the British Isles. Imagine a place where you can log on and assess the quality and versatility of your local breakfast havens, and this is why ‘WE NEED YOU’.

We’re looking for people to set up  Toast groups in their own back yard. Not literally. We want you to assess your local brekkies and get some good time out the house without having to crawl back in bladdered at 1am with a wobbling sense of regret. Instead why not wander home at 11am on a Saturday having not been up the night before and the brown stains on your trousers is DEFINITELY brown sauce?

If you would like to set up your own Toast give us a holler on we can give you access to our group so you can add your reviews and get this up and running. Even if you’re not bothered about reviewing the gaffs, just get out there and get some Full Englishes in you.


  • Never pre-warn a venue of who you are, booking is fine for groups over 6
  • No women. This isn’t a sexist thing at all. It’s not often men get the chance to sit and talk sober about anything they want. It’s not Men Behaving Badly, it’s a chance to talk about the inane (See Gary Wilmots Tablecloth and “‘What would Johnny Briggs be doing now?”)

That’s it. Simple. Just go out, eat and enjoy the times. Make new friends and let us know how the places get on so we can head there too!images

The Campaign Against Living Miserably

This isn’t the final hidden cult secret to Toast, it’s just something that fits in well with what we do and you only realise it once you realise you’ve forgotten that you’ve not worried about yourself for a while.