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Yew Tree Coffee Barn

This was a very exciting Toast as the Yew Tree Coffee Barn had seemingly popped up from nowhere to tease the Toasters who hanker after fresh produce, beautiful bacon, sublime sausages and where better… Continue reading

The Brink

THE BRINK is an establishment we’ve always dabbled towards, however when Annie’s Tea Rooms cancelled on US we were left clutching at straws, you could say we were on ‘the brink’ of starvation… Continue reading


Found on Stanley Street, ‘Delifonseca’ is named after one C. Fonseca who had such trouble finding a good deli in Liverpool that she built her own. (Or so the website implies.) This is a lovely… Continue reading

The Dovey (Formally Dovedale Towers)

The Dovey is a gorgeous looking building that can be found on The Beatle’s favourite street, Penny Lane. It’s famous for once housing Freddie Mercury and he’s quite good. Albeit dead. It seems… Continue reading