Yew Tree Coffee Barn

yew-tree-coffee-barn Front

This was a very exciting Toast as the Yew Tree Coffee Barn had seemingly popped up from nowhere to tease the Toasters who hanker after fresh produce, beautiful bacon, sublime sausages and where better to get all these things than straight from the horses mouth. Not literally as that would drag us back to the dark days of the horse meat scandal.

A crisp winter morning and a fantastic collection of Toasters posing as ramblers (The Rambled Eggs) ready for Operation Yew Tree!


Great service from early doors and Mich strap-on was scrumptious. Early bants with the lady over our rambling routes won some points. Latte was great with the lovely mugs. Breakfast wasn’t bad but more bog (eye) standard although the thick seeded toast was delightful. Fair play to getting all of the orders spot on and to accommodate 12 rowdy ramblers. Right I’m back off to the funny farm..anyone see my left eye let me know please 8/10

Monkey – 

What an adventure, after finally finding the ‘scrambled egg’ boys, we were treated to a beautifully sunny morning, down on the farm. Upon which I initially realised not to believe everything Guns n Roses taught me.. Not everything smells of horse shit..
Sat down, fended off the farmer jibes, to be fronted by the mich strap on beauty.. Taking my coffee order.. Decided my scoring from that moment would be on a decreasing scale rather than the usual increasing.. The food was well cooked, although a little plain, no extra points for originality, but tasty.

Great bants
Lovely cup n saucer
Hot mich
Great setting
Reasonable brekie


The Prince – 

“Operation YT. Loved the place from the go. GAWJUS girl. Large drinks

They used Tea pigs in the chai latte. Which was nice. I thought the coffees were a bit weak.. Checked out the menu again to see they only do one shot of espresso per coffee. Which is lame but they listed it.

Decent china.. “Nice things” haha

The Caramel latte was awesome.

Down to the food.

Bread was nice like.

My egg was burnt a little. They could grill the tomato ok but burn the egg? C’mon!

The Bacon was dry. The Sausage was the stand out item.

Upon arrival of the food I thought the portions were a little small considering the drink sizes (plus it’s a farm so they have all this shit on tap).. But the portions were actually perfect. Credit.

A nice place but food was under what I was expecting. I was going to give this a flat 6 but due to the banter and the turnout a solid 7/10 is my final score”

Wolf – 

“Great surroundings on a beautiful winters day, and top bants added to an above-average brekkie made for a good morning out.

Those of us who put the right address into the satnav made our way to the proper out-of-town venue. A token assortment of farm animals were sprinkled around, as well as a well-stocked farm shop. Coffee came out in a nice big china cup, far too nice for the likes of us really, but appreciated. Once we’d shaken the ‘night before’ cobwebs we made our order, which was taken with a minimum of fuss by the delightful waitress, and swaps were happily accommodated. The food looked sparse on the plate when it arrived, but it hit the spot. If I had to gripe, I do prefer it when I have to use more than just my fingers to count how many beans I have, and bacon should always be served at a 2-slice minimum, but serving sizes apart the eats were good. The sausage was a particular treat and the toast was much better than the usual hovis afterthought.

Good venue, good giggle, good brekkie. 7.5/10

Mr. Kirk Douglas – OH NO YEW DI’INT!

“After rescuing a stranded dippy soldier, we were late to the table but those tit tickling Toasters were waiting patiently with ace vats of coffees priced at £2.50 meaning this was going to be value for money!

Atmosphere incredible, small talk of paedophilia on every table in the restaurant and the animals outside meant that this Toast was going to be awash with potential heavy petting. 

The extent of the swaps wasn’t even realised until the bastards started rolling out with a swappy sausage for a mushroom and other incredible swaps. 

The eggs were disappointing, only that they were overcooked but you could tell they were quality, bacon was a bit crap and I thought it would be a real thick cut, but the sausage made up for it. The hash browns were incredible as was the black pud and the Toast was divine. And I don’t even like Toast that much. 

I’d definitely do a revisit and it was certainly value for money after 2 coffees, an orange juice and a FE for £12 amidst some of the best ladz ever to land on this planet in a farm in flipping Liverpool giving yew’s a 7.5/10

The Jester –

“No open secrets here.
Back in the saddle after some shameful absences and what better place than on a farm.
Waitress – wow.
Coffee was decent and the china cups and saucers were amazeballs.
Toast arrived before the breakfast and it was dripping with butter Last Tango in Paris style. 
Usual full English for me; I don’t recall there being too much choice on the menu but I could be wrong?
I felt slightly deflated when mine arrived, for £6 I was expecting more produce- that said, all ingredients appeared to be of a good quality. Sausage was the clear winner, bacon and egg a little over done but reassuiring seeing the bird that laid them as we ate her former friends.
Quality bantz from the ladz included driving gloves and Clarks shoes. This was topped off by some bean juice appearing on a Toasters forehead.

Banter and turnout raised their points to a 6.95/10. If I was passing I’d call in for jam on toast and a perv. That’s what the locals appeared to be doing.”

Brother Wolf –

“Good breakfast, and the most I’ve laughed in a long time. 8/10

Overall – 7.49/10

Operation Yew Tree certainly didn’t fail to deliver, fantastic atmosphere, fresh produce and if the eggs and bacon were dealt with a little more carefully this could be a Top Toast.

Still, you’ll never find a better farm in Liverpool!