The Dovey (Formally Dovedale Towers)

The Dovey is a gorgeous looking building that can be found on The Beatle’s favourite street, Penny Lane.

It’s famous for once housing Freddie Mercury and he’s quite good. Albeit dead.

It seems like this venue already has a lot going for it! But what did our Toasters have to say?

Mr. Kirk Douglas – Lovely Brekko! Quality meats for the bacon and sausage and egg was done to perfection. The pot of tea inclusive was great. The only downside being that there could have been one more thing like a black pudding or hash brown. 

A strong 7/10. More food could have brought it up to the 8 or 9 region.”

Terry Snatchett – 6.5/10 for the Dovey. Lovely bacon, a surprise tomato, pot of tea included but no black pudding and only one toast(s). Good quality but no sparkle.”

Captain Grimbags – “The ingredients were very good but I asked for a surprise for my mushroom replacement & they surprised me with an extra tomato. There was no black pudding & only one very small piece of toast. It came with a small pot of tea but £6 is pricey considering I’m still hungry. Average score from me. 5/10″

Johnny Concrete – “Firstly, Grimbags was grumpy the whole time we were there. The dovey was an improvement on pogues for me. The only thing lacking for me was some extra ballast. Another toast or maybe black pudding would have scored this fella a 8.5. However, a solid 7.75 for me. If you don’t like mushrooms you deserve what you get.”

Overall Score – 6.5/10

Final Thoughts – Cripes! And everything seemed to be going so well! A lack of food seems to have brought down the score substantially. However it also could have been because Captain Grimbags was in a rubbish mood all morning. We’re hoping this is a once off as the location alone is well worth a revisit.