Pogue Mahone

Pogue Mahone is an Irish themed pub that can be found in the city centre, near the top of Seel Street.

Situated opposite a pile of vomit that was most likely produced by one of the patrons the night before, the food was good but could have been better.

However, they let you swap out certain ingredients in favour of something else at no extra cost, which is always a bonus in our book. Here’s what the Toasters had to say.

Captain Grimbags – “I’ll give it an 8/10. Gutted I didn’t know about the extra rule.”

Johnny Concrete“Just a 6.5/10 from me. Non runny yolk and slightly soggy soda bread. A decent start but not spectacular.”

Merely Kevin7.75/10. Note : you can swap mushrooms for an egg. Potato cakes = winz. Maybe if the Irish didn’t make cakes out’ve them they’d have had more potatoes.”

Mr. Kirk Douglas – 7/10. defo needed eggs runnier and should have had a pot of tea at least. Sausage was too small but perfect hangover fodder. Could have done with something a bit more ‘mick’ i.e. A horse running free in the pub”

Onna Madone 7/10 for me too, very Irish, but no Enya on the juke box, so a bit less Irish than I’d hoped for!

SKOD“food was 7/10, but value, 9/10. The company was decent, too. hiya!”

Overall Score – 7.05/10

Final Thoughts – Not a bad start. However, it seems this Irish Bar could have been more Irish. It’s likely the staff didn’t speak in a strong enough accent or there wasn’t enough references to Leprechauns on the walls.

Diddly dee.