What is Toast? (Baby don’t burn me)

Welcome to the “Blog on Toast”. Or, I suppose, Blogs on Toast.

If this idea is stolen it’ll be Poached Blogs on Toast. At that point we’ll probably have to password protect the site using some kind of high tech encryption. Scrambled Blogs on Toast.

Toast is a monthly gentlemen’s breakfast club. ‘Members’ (I use the term loosely) pick a venue and eat breakfast there. It’s a nice excuse for friends to get together and not drink alcohol. However, if you have been drinking alcohol the night before then it can sometimes not be nearly as enjoyable as it should be.

This started off as a group on Facebook but I plan on migrating everyone’s written experiences and comments over to this blog as I think it’s a great indication of the best places to go out for breakfast in the Liverpool area. Generally, you’re going to find frank and honest opinions about the various establishments the city and it’s surrounding areas has to offer.

Due to everyone having their own personal opinion (and due to those personal opinions not always being quite so politically correct as they should be) the Toasters shall always be nameless and faceless.

Also, when you don’t know who we are you’ll never see us coming.