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Moon and Pea

After a few attempts to book the Moon and Pea with no joy, we thought the best way to ensure we get to sample the highly recommended establishment was to wait at the… Continue reading

Lox and Caper

With a small team during the summer months and only one reviewer, the Lox & Caper scores well! John Forbes Nosh, Jr “With a rendezvous point planned for around 1030 hours, I stalked… Continue reading

Temptations Cafe

A trip to North Liverpool saw the Toasters enter the quaint and well rated cafe on other inferior blog sites was to be visited. Let’s see what happened next!   Eggy Road Rover… Continue reading

Milo Lounge

The Milo Lounge is part of the ‘Lougers’ chain, each one with a beautiful feel, quirky decor, comfy seats but at the same time a bit like an alien has read your mind and then… Continue reading

Shiraz: North John Street

Shiraz? What? The take-away Shiraz? Where you go at 3am in the morning to get a donna kebab pizza and chips with way too much tomato sauce on, Shiraz? That place lads go… Continue reading

Antalya BBQ and Restaurant

After a cruise around the Allerton Road area with unfortunate knock backs and closed venues, we were starting to look like Hugh Grant after a prostitute on Toast. However we stumbled across this… Continue reading

Camp and Furnace

“Can’t be arsed going all the way to the CUC, it’s miles away. Lets just stay in town.” *CUC closes down* *Camp & Furnace does some great gigs* “HEY EVERYONE LET’S GO TO… Continue reading

What is Toast? (Baby don’t burn me)

Welcome to the “Blog on Toast”. Or, I suppose, Blogs on Toast. If this idea is stolen it’ll be Poached Blogs on Toast. At that point we’ll probably have to password protect the site… Continue reading