Antalya BBQ and Restaurant


After a cruise around the Allerton Road area with unfortunate knock backs and closed venues, we were starting to look like Hugh Grant after a prostitute on Toast. However we stumbled across this Rose Lane venue – would this be Divine Brown Toast or would we be snapped with our kecks down?

Mr Kirk Douglas – “From Bleachyhead to Turkish Delights:

Antalya BBQ & Restaurant on Rose Lane was a welcome haven after a bit of running round to accommodate 12 of the hottest lads this world has ever come across. The staff were friendly, ample room and a nice atmosphere for what in essence is a BBQ restaurant.

Full English was as expected with huge bonus points for swapping mushrooms and tomatoes for a sausage and hash brown. Bacon was good, two eggs were ace, sausages good, in fact everything was ‘good’ without being exceptional. Price included Tea/Coffee and the waiting time and orders came out without any hiccups.

Downside being the Toast only being done on one side causing Johnny Concrete to dub them ‘Sting’.

Overall a 7/10 for the swaps, but not exceptional in any particular areas.”

Clarence Boddicker 

“On arrival of the remaining 10 ( by now starving ) Toasters two tables were pushed together to form a grand dining arena to start the massive turn around to give us yet another classic toast.
It did seem to take a while for the waiting staff to take a breath and brace themselves for the addition of another 10 diners in a busy but not packed restaurant. But once over the initial wobble they really did shine.
The breakfast coming in at a bargain £6 was well cooked with nice ingredients but missing a black pudding and only one half slice of bacon. The breakky came with a choice of beverage, I chose a coffee but was disappointed with the Hotel style UHT cream ( yuk ! ) ruining what seemed like perfectly good coffee.
For fear of rattling on, rest assured once again the banter was world class.

Good but could do better, see me after class. 7.9/10

I was genuinely happy to see the return of Jungle Trouble  and Johnny Concrete after 2 months off, All off down to the Dovey for a pint, missed my chocolate jap though.
I fucking love Toast.”

Johnny Concrete – “Afterpissingaroundforagesthebreakfastwasprettydecentthecoffeewasnicebut



Ab Fab 

“Sadly my first taste of toast didn’t get off to a great start. Our chosen restaurant, Shambles, was shut. Despite local restaurants attempting to frighten us off with beach, we soon found the welcoming, if somewhat pressed-upon, arms of Antalya. THe coped with the sudden onslaught well, and food was served quickly and efficiently. As the token vegetarian, I thought I did fairly well, although a couple of slices of hallumi would have been nice, having an extra vegi sausage and hash brown to make up for no bacon. Banter was, as I had expected, class. 8 out of 10, would come again.”

Grill Scoff Herring – “There was no denying it, we were in a pickle. Stood on Allerton Rd one balmy Saturday morning, the Toast gents were hungry, confused and angry. At some point someone would have to be pulled off for this, and pulled off hard. Back to the matter at hand and in steps Antalya to pick up a hefty gauntlet at very short notice. The turnout 10 deep and ugly, the requests simple but urgent. The stakes were high. They came through for us, a good crisp breakfast offer with a competitive value and a switch test passed without fuss. World Class Bants during and after.

7/10 – Quid Pro Quo.”

Overall – 7.38

Final thoughts – This surprising last ditch Toast venue certainly punched above it’s weight and nobody’s feet turned up at the end. Breakfast BBQ’s all the way!