The Lakeside Bistro

Crosby Lakeside

An unusual Out of Town choice for these ‘Boys What Breakfast’. After hearing good things on the coast, we dipped our toes into the Lakeside Bistro. We didn’t know what to expect…..apart from the usual 1st Class Ticket to Bantanamo Bay!

Clarence Boddicker – “After last months awesome Toast the Lakeside Bistro @ Crosby Marina had some big boots to fill. A turnout of 7 hungry toasters sat in a near deserted table area with the usual blurry eyed one in attendance the scene was set for another classic toast outing.

Drinks orders were swiftly taken by our lone waitress, initial disappointment with the bar not yet being open but that was soon put right on the chime of 11 bells.
The menu was sparse to be fair FE or continental were the only offerings, but at £4.50 for the FE there wasn’t to many grumbles.
All the Toasters plumped for the FE and on arrival we were not left disappointed, TOAST ON TAP, one sausage, 2 bacon, mushrooms, funny tasting pot of beans ( like a vinegar/brown sauce tang ) fried egg, black pud. Grilled tomatoes,tea or coffee, I did feel a little let down by the lack of hash brown but the addition of some good old fried bread more than made up for this.
Cracking bants including talk of an international Toast and King Kong, with good company yet again made this toast one to remember.
I can’t fault the service but feel with more numbers and the attendance of some of our more fussy members things may of been very different.
Better than I had expected but not one of the best,


Mr Kirk Douglas – The Lakeside itself is a funny old place akin to the West Kirby Concourse with a better view. On arrival the place looked a bit sterile with one solitary man and no music or atmosphere. When the other hotties arrived it really picked up, but that was more down to our presence opposed to the ambiance of the place.

With only a FE to choose from there was one obvious choice. The portions were plentiful and the beans had something in them that made them taste awesome, the bacon and sausages were both decent, however the fried egg was hard but the fried bread made up for it. The free tea and toast and jam afterwards made this a fantastic value for money breakfast.

Overall, we had a laugh and the food was decent, wouldn’t go out my way to go there however if I was in the area and in a group, would defo pop in for the Full English although if it was just one or two of us, would probably swerve it off.


Sea Burger“Crosby Lakeside was a strange place to toast, it was empty, there wasn’t a breakfast menu and it was very, very quiet. We soon ruined the waterside tranquility though and everyone opted for the non-optional full English and the banter commenced. Breakfast came with two pieces of fried bread sitting proud atop the feast. I’ve not had fried bread since about 1997 so I nearly wet myself. The sausages were great, the bacon nice and lean, and the fried egg was perfectly cooked (sadly no other egg options though). The beans were especially tasty, with a nice tanginess to them. I’m not sure if this was intentional or they were just 9p-a-tin bargain beans. Standard black pudding, mushrooms and tomato, but all in all a decent breakfast. Probably wouldn’t return here for breakfast, but more due to the location and lack of atmosphere than the food. Good company, good gorilla talk, decent breakfast, great toast.


Jester Fortune“Every time the door opened I perked up but, alas, it wasn’t Luther Two-Tashe. We arrived to what initially reminded me of the Whitbury New Town Leisure Centre featured in the 90’s family favourite The Brittas Empire.

The menu had everything you could want as long as it was a full English. Usual banter about Kongs, adult art websites and Welsh furniture. Breakfast was £4.50 with a tea or coffee and what appeared to be unlimited toast, the waitress upgraded a few of us to a latte (no extra charge) and served us a Guinness 10 minutes early. Brekky arrived and it was decent cafe fayre. My beans were on the cold side but tasted good, bacon was good quality and the fried bread was immense. Sausages could have been better but tasty enough. Nice view and venue, wouldn’t go out my way to visit. 7.5/10 with extra point reflecting good value.”

Overall – 6.8/10

Final thoughts – Who knows what the future holds with pop-up restaurants, micro-breweries and secret cinemas. Maybe the Lakeside is just ahead of the curve and in the future everyone will be having their breakfast in leisure centres, but for now it’s just a bit odd.