The Clove Hitch

Clove Hitch

The Clove Hitch is a bastion of breakfast, brunch, beer and bites based on Hope Street. The staff used to wear these odd old Englishy style costumes and then after a month they stopped, nobody knows why they stopped but they did…and we ate breakfast there…and it was a turning point in the world of Toast. A HUGE turnout with 15 hungry hunks all hankering for hot handouts.

Get this down your throat

Clarence Boddicker – “After a bit of a wait to be fair and extra pennies in the parking meter my Clove breakfast ( the full hit ) priced at a bargain £6.95 arrived.
The pork and leek sausages were fantastic and the home made hash browns were a brilliant change from the deep fried frozen ones usually on offer at other eateries. I hesitated ordering the large breakfast as I don’t usually finish them but today I polished off the lot. With lovely smiley waitresses, good company and surroundings this really was a surprise treat to my Saturday morning.
The only downsides were the smoked bacon, I’m not a great fan and would of liked an option to change mine to non smoked ( if there was please correct me ) and my hand dryer fetish was not satisfied, there is no excuses in this day and age for lame hand dryers.
Deffo a must return and will go out of my way to eat there again.
Points dropped for the wait but still a whopping 8.9/ 10

Grill Scoff Herring – “Today’s surprise visit to The Clove Hitch  almost didn’t happen for me due to tiredness & feeling a tiny bit heavy headed. But boy am I glad I got out of bed.The ingredients were delicious, excellently presented & served with a seemingly effortless panache by a bevvy of beautiful waitresses & a lovely deaf chef.

FE value is superb at £6.95 for the large with no quibble whatsoever on the mushroom replacement test.

Americano was good quality, but not spectacular, half a point has and will in future be added to any establishment stocking Liverpool Craft Beer.

A fair old wait knocks a bit off, it was just way too long at over an hour from sitting down but that actually can’t detract from what is arguably the best breakfast in town.

9.5/10 – Dog Stand Up.”

Luther Two-Tashe – “With the original venue declared unsuitable due to a regular influx of joggers, and a dining area akin in size to a borrower’s undies, step up The Clove Hitch, to play host to the 12th Toast outing.

The menu was comprehensive and varied, and but for my ‘always the FE’ rule, I would’ve liked a go on everything else on it. I opted for the small brekkie (known as The Hitch). It covered the breakfast basics, then I opted for the 50p extra black pudding, bringing it up to £5. Seemed, and was, Excellent Value.

All breakfasts were brought out correctly, and served with the smile and friendliness we’d grown accustomed to since our arrival.

Great sausage, good bacon (slightly underdone for me) excellent muffin, good beans and good pud. The hash brown was more like a rosti, but that was fantastic as well. The whole thing tasted wonderful and the icing on the cake arrived in the form of a large tray of ‘Chef’s Extras’ – hash browns, eggs, bacon provided on the house. Needless to say, they didn’t last long. The whole affair was accompanied by floating maple syrup pancakes which were shared by all and were brilliant.

The Clove Hitch – Staff, Venue and food – Take a bow.


Johnny Concrete – 

“Roll up, roll up comes the cry
The 12th and possibly greatest Toast has just passed us by.
The Clove Hitch chosen as a last minute venue,
Hungry (and some Hungover) Toasters drooled over the glorious menu.

From the punctual arrival of SeaBiscuit we call,
it was Captain Grimbags I believe who arrived last of all.
The attendance was strong, in total eleven,
The flowing OJ, coffee and eps banter made the occasion pure Toast heaven.

Plenty time was afforded for us to make our choices,
The patient waitresses reassured with calming voices,
“take your time guys, honestly, there’s really no rush”
“Thanks very much love, the coffee is lush.”

Back to reality the orders were taken,
Swapsies, extras “more sausage, less bacon”
The wide ranging menu has something for all,
A few went for the large breakie but a few preferred the small.
As a last minute addition Doug ordered the Panackes that float,
On first bite a quick conclusion, we were right to push out that particular boat.

The fried goods arrived, all perfectly cooked,
We tucked in, we groaned, the Clove or the Hitch had us all hooked.
As the plates began to clear a lovely surpise,
A plate of extras presented by the lovely waitress much to the pleasure of our adoring eyes.

The grub polished off we sat back and we lauded,
“One of the best?”, “Oh aye!”, if not for our fullness we may well have applauded.
The bill was paid and we reluctantly parted,
The morning serving as a great reminder as to why good ol’ Toast was originally started.

What a joy to return after 3 Toasts missed,
New and old faces delighted and of course Doug was half pissed.
So on to the score and after a poetic review,
A 9.80 out of 10, Johnny Concrete, adieu.”

The Hedge – Ever one to arrive late to the party and not wanting to be left out, I jumped on the Toast bandwagon and rode it all the way to The Clove Hitch last weekend. Clinging to the coat tails of those who had gone before me, I took my seat in the light and airy conservatory dining area at the back of the restaurant. Mimicking the trend, I ordered a filter coffee, OJ and the very reasonably priced Full English, adding black pudding because that was what the cool kids seemed to be doing. Following the bigger boys lead, I would like to go along with the crowd and say that it was an exceedingly good breakfast and would definitely recommend highly it to others… that is, if that’s what everyone else is doing. 9.5/10

Mr Kirk Douglas – The Clove & Hitch has always delivered and for breakfast is certainly no different. Great turnout and eps bants aplents. The varieties of breakfasts were amazing as were the fact you could swap with no problems or checks, the best bit for me was the smaller breakfast had the basics, no mushrooms or tomatoes which most people love or hate and this was £4.50, for 50p extra you could add any ingredients. BOSS!

Food came in the right time, we’d staggered it and after the brief Leaf Toast it was the perfect amount of time for a Bank Holiday. The atmosphere was amazing as was the service, it was as if we’d booked a private restaurant and everything we ordered came without any hiccups. The ONLY thing that may have gone against it was that the choice of egg was not in our hands as poaches are the way to go.

Fantastic quality foods, Fantastic venue and amazing value for money. I may be jumping the gun here, but it has to be the best place in Liverpool for breakfast and for me the best Toast so far.

Nice one Clove Hitch!


Overall – 9.48/10

Final thoughts – Well will you look at that, we have a benchmark that could be unbeatable, is this the best breakfast in Liverpool?

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