Temptations Cafe

A trip to North Liverpool saw the Toasters enter the quaint and well rated cafe on other inferior blog sites was to be visited. Let’s see what happened next!



Eggy Road Rover

“First thing that struck me on arrival was the slimmed down size of the toast turnout. After a few months of monster-sized groups this was a more svelte affair, with a noticeably reduced beard count.
However, this meant for a lean and mean experience, this was serious breakfast business, bring the fry up.
Noticeably the service was excellent, nothing was too much trouble and our waitress was bubbly and full of smiles. Orders were taken quickly and efficiently, with a range of swaps taken in stride.
Turnaround was pretty quick too, with delivery in 2 batches meaning the first person to get their breakfast was still just about eating as the last person got theirs.
This was a solid FE, though a little shaky in parts. For me the sausages were nothing special but there was 3 on my plate instead of the menu’d 2 (result!). The “bacon” was too thick, feeling more like a slab of ham than a slice of bacon, and my white pudding was only cooked on one side making the other a bit squishy. However, the egg was nicely cooked, the mushies were buttery and the toast was nice and warm. I also enjoyed hacking my way through the plum tomatoes and the hash brown was perfectly cooked, crunchy yet fluffy on the middle.
My neighbouring toastee gambled on a Swiss Cheese extra which sadly back fired and looked like someone had thrown a nacho-style runny cheese sauce all over his FE, not a pretty sight.
2 mugs of nicely brewed Earl Grey later and the experience was complete. 

The atmosphere was relaxed and the venue was full, with a wide range of young families, older couples and groups of friends. Respect to the team at Temptations for creating a real community asset, a few tweaks and I think they could be onto a breakfast winner.


“Variety is the spice if life and this toast was a break from the recent norm, both in location (north Liverpool), numbers (down on recent toasts -hopefully not related to the location lads!!!), and style (old skool cafe). However some things remained constant; it was great to see all those that were there and the stories, anecdotes, and dare I say it banter was flowing.
Temptation cafe reminded me of our visit to city cafe in both instances the service was first class, prompt, friendly, with no addition or swap a problem to the point where Box of Frogs was even able to have Swiss cheese melted over his! Though that was not as successful as the recent craze for halloumi. Food came quickly despite the fact they were v busy. Another real plus was that a latte could be included in the price rather than the standard filter coffee or tea.
The options were limited to small, medium, large, and vegetarian. None of us toasters were brave enough to go with the large but it’s fair to say the medium was breakfast enough for even the hungriest.
A bit like the city cafe there was nothing special about the breakfast itself. Sausage, bacon, beans, canned plum tomatoes, mushrooms, egg, an Ulster fry, and hash browns. That’s not to say there was anything inadequate it was solid cafe fair.
If I was in Waterloo and looking a solid cooked cafe breakfast at a reasonable price I would go to temptations again. A solid 7/10.”


“Temptations in Crosby is a properjob little diner. You could eat every meal of the day there if you wanted, decent brekkies, light bite choices for lunch and hearty main meals for dinner. And all with excellent service with a smile, full credit to our waitress who was excellent, what a winning place.
Onto the breakfast itself, and I went for the ‘medium’ option ahead of the masochistically tempting, though misspelt, ‘Crosby Masive’ which looked big enough to feed a small family. My choice was everything you want from a Full English, all the usual suspects were present on the plate, including a cameo appearance from white pudding, which is an oft-forgot but always welcome addition.
The sausages were a little bit disappointing, they seemed a bit cheap, but the black pudding, toast and hash brown were spot on. This is no-nonsense breakfast fare, everything was solid yet unspectacular, and if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.
Overall Temptations knows what it does, and it does it well. Highly recommended if you find yourself in the northern reaches of Liverpool needing a feed of a morning. 7.5/10″

Luther Two-Tache – Crosby’s Thrills (No Gash)

“Out of towner to our northern shores, and after a the short journey I arrived at the traditional high street cafe, Temptations.
The welcome was warm from both staff and toasters and I was soon brought a near perfect cuppa. As the numbers increased, the laughs grew and soon we were throwing in the wants. Swaps and extras were no problem and the whole thing was done with minimum fuss.
It was just enough time for us to catch up on the previous months goings on before ‘it’ arrived.
‘It’ was bacon, Ulster fry, black pud, hash brown, beans, fried egg and three slender sausages. It was standard cafe fayre and whilst wholesome and plentiful was only good (well cooked, but the ingredients let it down a bit). I threw mine down and we were kept quenched by the efficient and friendly smiley staff.
So all in all, a solid breakfast, lovely venue, brilliant staff and service, good brekkie and a great laugh. All for well under £10.
Thanks Temptation cafe, 7.63/10 from me.”

Jester Fortune

“Our out of towner took us to North Liverpool’s Temptation Cafe.
Smaller turnout than the last couple of toasts but it was refreshing to get some intimacy with the guys as we deconstructed 80’s classics such as Crocodile Dundee I and II and Almost an Angel. We also decided we are definitely guys we wanna go to a house party with.
The menu offered plenty of choice from american pancakes to a light breakfast to the Crosby Masive (sic). As usual I opted for the full English – which included Ulster Fry and white pudding. Service was slicker than Diego Simone’s hair do and swaps offered without prompt. Food arrived and I was impressed, sausages not the best but perfectly satisfactory and there were three. The only small complaint I’d make was the coffee was on the weak side but included in the reasonable £6.50 asking price.
Overall Temptations would certainly tempt me back if passing and offers excellent value.

Texas Free-Ranger

“Mark Twain once remarked “There are several good protections against temptation, but the surest is cowardice” which I think holds true for the temptation café, and the reason I opted for the standard full Engilsh instead of the alternative behemoth on offer.
We often go to what can be considered quite gourmet breakfast establishments where it’s all quite nice and the sausages have been sourced from Tibet and you can have your eggs in any way you so choose, but it is easy to forget that the bastion of the Full English has its origins in a proper cafe. This is what temptation is and what it was great at. No fuss, easy swaps (for those that do), decent cuppa, fair price and the added bonus of an Ulster fry. Some great discussions centering around the career of Paul Hogan and how one of our members is potentially related to him. There should certainly be an invite in the post to him, especially if he wants to come dressed as Mick Dundee, which I imagine hardly is ever requested.
A solid 7.5/10 for a solid cafe.”

Grill Scoff Herring – “Get Ready”

“So it was Temptations that set the scene for a spring out of towner. Having left “My Girl” early with yesterday’s hire car and a barely legal hang over I made the sunny drive to Waterloo sleepy tired but thinking “Don’t Look Back” to the comfort of bed, there was a long day ahead which included lunch at 12.30 at Gusto…just two hours after brek brek. Then on to set up at Kazimier for the impending knees up of Speakeasy.
On arrival it was clear that numbers were gonna be lower than usual but any number of Toasters round the table is a “Dream Come True” as far as I’m concerned and after ordering a latte from the wonderfully attentive waitress I took my seat ready to make a large withdrawal from the Bant of England. It was like a perfectly orchestrated pulverising metal masterpiece by thrash band Bantera. It was like a first listen of the greatest hits of Carlos Bantana. A warbling androgynous jazz opus from Bantony & the Johnsons.
Breakfast was ok, thinking “I’ll Try Something New” I ordered the brunch (a smaller offering) thinking “I’ll be in trouble” if I eat too much, looking down at my belly worriedly thinking “It’s Growing” and by this afternoon “The Weight” could be critical.
Ingredients were nothing to shout about but a fair price and a decent plate of good looking food. The latte looked good from the outset but “Beauty is only Skin Deep” and beneath the skin lay nothing but warm milk, a poor drink. Terry Snatchett had pointed this out before mine arrived and once I’d sipped “I Second That Emotion.” The orange juice cartons were certainly a novelty but I was never going to leave Temptations on “Cloud Nine”.
The real star was the service, nothing was too much for her “The Girl’s Alright with me.” and “I ain’t too proud to beg.”
6.9/10 – “You’ve Got to Earn It.”

Overall Score – 7.2/10