Moose Coffee

Moose Coffee is a Canadian/American venue on Dale Street. It claims to bring American breakfasts to England, but personally if you want that I would have thought you’d just go to McDonalds.

Oh and it serves coffee too.

To be honest I personally think this shouldn’t be included on the Toast Blog as one of the Toasters turned up and couldn’t even eat his food as he was too hungover.

I’ll let the Toasters explain.

Johnny Concrete – An interesting one this. Kirk had a shocker, first asking if Mrs Douglas could come (pfft) and then having to request a doggy bag for his barley eaten breakie as he was close to vomiting. Cat, Terry and I thoroughly enjoyed our breakfast and the service was very good as was the venue. Not traditional english breakfast grub but a solid 7.5 out of 10 for me.”

Mr. Kirk DouglasIn Come Dine With Me style, I may add that whence I arrived at home my breakfast was delicious. I found the place to be great and the service was splendid and the lady was distraught when I told her I would have to leave, I later vomited and ate the lot.

It was a bit too warm in there and this added to my nausea but the lashings of orange juice helped cool me down.

This was certainly a tantric delight for the tastebuds, but the place suits a maximum of 4 people and it was a great job Jungle couldn’t make it. It’s definitely a more intimate place and wouldn’t suit a big group of fucking delicious hot lads, just gagging for some breakfast.

I’ll give it a solid 7, prisewise it was a bit steep but you got what you paid for and later threw up and then eaten again and now thrown up out my arsehole.”

Overall Score – 7/10

Final Thoughts – Unfortunately only two of the Toasters bothered to write a review on Moose Coffee so elaborating further is difficult. So I wont. Lets do a revisit sometime.

Fuck yeah.