Cafe Tabac

Nestled at the top of Bold Street is arguably one of the best venues in Liverpool. It’s cosy atmosphere and great music is accessible to anyone; from the hipster to the aged gent.

Tabac has hosted a variety of events, from live music to stand-up comedy and it even boasts a small cinema in the back and regularly has movie nights.

Having sampled some great nights here already the Toasters were eager to try a breakfast.

Jungle Trouble“Well, as a first Toast experience goes I don’t think it could have gotten any better. I may have overdone it on the egg front (four of them) but the meal itself was impeccably presented and happily scoffed down. A lack of Mr. Kirk Douglas was noticed but the general consensus was that this may have been the best Toast yet and his absence can’t just be a coincidence. 9/10.”

Grill Scoff Herring – “I like to get the review in early while the experience is still fresh. This is the best breakfast I’ve had so far. Great service reasonable price, fresh ingredients & a well received replacement item. 2 bonus bowls of baked beans were placed on the table, I think that speaks for itself. Company wise it doesn’t get much better, this included a visit from an old man who chatted to Johnny about hats. There were no down downsides to the experience as far as I’m concerned. My perfect breakfast includes fried bread though so my score for Tabac is: 9/10 it can ALWAYS be better.”

Steward“I think Herrings’ e-phone actually got some bean juice on it as he gleefully tapped out this review at the table that we dined at. I will say 9 out of 10 too. I did initially think hey, it’s a 10 on 10 but I have had a dry mouth all day long after it so perhaps the salt count is high or perhaps I should just drink more with my food. IMPRESSED.”

Johnny Concrete – Oh Monsieur Tabac you did impress me! Super service, a strong turnout, several debutants, fuckloads of valium and most importantly a stonking breakie score this bad boy a 9 on 10. Very good ingredients, surprise beans and with plenty of change from a tenner….. this has raised the bar. Sucking off Mr. Kay was wonderful also. Kirk Douglas was AWOL, rumours circulating that he was a bad fanny we’re mostly agreed upon by Toastites.”

Eight Foot – My first Toast and I second that boast, Tabac is the one I love the most. I did get a pot of tea with no bag but it was endearingly corrected and I couldn’t fault the fine food so a 9.25 from me. 

I forgot I was having egg and chips at nana’s so I’m up with Jungle four eggs with my chicken inhalations today. 

Good work, I’ll Toast with you again.”

Overall Score – 9.05/10

Final Thoughts – YIKES! Now that’s a Toast worth turning up at! It’s to be expected of such a great venue. The staff care about the place and it really shows. Whether you’re going for food or a good night out Tabac is always worth it.