The Blackburne Arms

Blackburne Arms

An all you can eat breakfast???? A buffet of Brekkies??? Ulster Fry in Liverpool? This had to be checked out, it was not a case of quality against quantity it was a case of death by overtoast. I mean we LOVE breakfast, but there has always been a finite supply, always been something to swap or change or quibble about. Mouths open Toasters and not just for words. Pack the Partridge Plate!

Mr Kirk Douglas  – “That was the Julius Caeser of breakfasts, as in I ate two brutes. The value was great, service spot on and cracking turn out a bonus.

The non-stop tea and coffee checks appreciated and the quality of the food (apart from the spam fritter – ulster fry) was pretty good. The bacon was better than most of the best places and you couldn’t really fault it.

Nothing outstanding like the Hanover St Black Pudding, Clove Hitch’s Hash Brown, the Tavern atmosphere or the Delifonseca waitress’ fanny but it had enough to keep you happy in what was essentially a breakfast in a pub.

It does what it said it would at a better standard than we thought it would 7.5/10

STEWARD“A lovely ray of sunshine on a rather drab day, this was a Toast that you could quite literally fill your boots with. Who could complain at a constant source of tasty breakfast items that were wide ranging and fresh as a daisy? (Well they were at 10am). The service was superb with hot drinks, eggs and lashings of toast brought to the ravenous mob.

Surprisingly, I only had one helping (IT WAS AN ALL YOU CAN EAT BREAKFAST BUFFET) but I would certainly go back for another breakfast love in. I enjoyed the fizzing banter and the sight of Doug Quade majestically seating himself at the head of the table and replying “Pint of Guinness please” to the hostess and her offer of tea or coffee added further relish to a spiffing start to the day. 8/10

FTP – “Attentive friendly service which was surprising given it was a Buffett. The usual quality banter. Everyone on good form. Wide range of options and definitely good value. 7.5/10

Jungle Trouble – “I’ll keep it short. – ALL YOU CAN EAT & DRINK AND THE FOOD WAS GREAT. 9/10

Overall – 8/10

Final thoughts – A big surprise all round! A bargain of a breakfast with nothing to complain about and turning a great boozer into a great breakfaster.