Liverpool Marina Bar & Grill

DING DING DING DING!!! Forks down! It’s over! It’s all over! The worst venue for breakfast in the whole of Merseyside has been found! With miserable staff, terrible service and sub-par brek this means… Continue reading


Siren was a last minute selection based on the 50% off in January with the Independent Liverpool Card and a welcome breakfast venue in the expanding Baltic Triangle. Whilst the selection was brand new to most… Continue reading

81 Renshaw Street – The Arts Cafe

Merry Christmas readers, 81 Renshaw were the hosts for our Christmas Toast and what a beauty it was. Settling on somewhere in the City Centre that wasn’t going to be victim to the… Continue reading

Yew Tree Coffee Barn

This was a very exciting Toast as the Yew Tree Coffee Barn had seemingly popped up from nowhere to tease the Toasters who hanker after fresh produce, beautiful bacon, sublime sausages and where better… Continue reading

City Cafe

City Cafe is one of those establishments that you walk past time and time again with people nipping in and out with shifty take away packages like they’ve just got a fix of crack.… Continue reading

Milo Lounge

The Milo Lounge is part of the ‘Lougers’ chain, each one with a beautiful feel, quirky decor, comfy seats but at the same time a bit like an alien has read your mind and then… Continue reading

Shiraz: North John Street

Shiraz? What? The take-away Shiraz? Where you go at 3am in the morning to get a donna kebab pizza and chips with way too much tomato sauce on, Shiraz? That place lads go… Continue reading


Hopskotch Street Kitchen  is the brand new restaurant on the corner of Mathew St and Stanley St. Often known as Bell-end central, the place seems that it could be the pioneering venue to breakdown… Continue reading


After a tip off for a Breakfast Delish to Relish, a small number booked in….but things escalated bringing an almighty amount of hunks at late notice…how would they cope? And with the late… Continue reading

The Blackburne Arms

An all you can eat breakfast???? A buffet of Brekkies??? Ulster Fry in Liverpool? This had to be checked out, it was not a case of quality against quantity it was a case… Continue reading