Hanover Street Social

We’d heard good things about the Hanover Street Social, but these had also been mixed with some bad experiences. We had a full day ahead of us with War museums, darts, drinking, football… Continue reading

The Brink

THE BRINK is an establishment we’ve always dabbled towards, however when Annie’s Tea Rooms cancelled on US we were left clutching at straws, you could say we were on ‘the brink’ of starvation… Continue reading

Brasco Lounge

A new bar in town on the Docks, one that somehow looks completely inoffensive, warmly inviting and reasonable prices. They do breakfasts too, so we had to put it to the test. Now… Continue reading

Neighbourhood Cafe

Big talk had been bouncing around this place for a while however the price put a lot of people off this one on the run up to it. Was it going to be… Continue reading

The Sir Thomas Hotel

The Sir Thomas Hotel was to be the choice venue for a Birthday celebration of a namesake Toaster, for the price it could have been a guaranteed bargain. Usually a place we would… Continue reading

Antalya BBQ and Restaurant

After a cruise around the Allerton Road area with unfortunate knock backs and closed venues, we were starting to look like Hugh Grant after a prostitute on Toast. However we stumbled across this… Continue reading

The Lakeside Bistro

An unusual Out of Town choice for these ‘Boys What Breakfast’. After hearing good things on the coast, we dipped our toes into the Lakeside Bistro. We didn’t know what to expect…..apart from… Continue reading

The Clove Hitch

The Clove Hitch is a bastion of breakfast, brunch, beer and bites based on Hope Street. The staff used to wear these odd old Englishy style costumes and then after a month they… Continue reading


Leaf is my “go-to” place for meetings. You need to have a meeting? Go to Leaf. It’s boss inside, the staff are friendly, there’s a great selection of teas and other drinks and… Continue reading

Wro Bar

We arrived at West Kirby for our annual crabbing day. Every year we’ll head to the water front armed with plastic buckets, fishing line, nets and smoked bacon and we capture poor, unsuspecting… Continue reading