Siren was a last minute selection based on the 50% off in January with the Independent Liverpool Card and a welcome breakfast venue in the expanding Baltic Triangle. Whilst the selection was brand new to most of us, those who had sampled the delights previously were championing a breakfast of champions.

Would Siren’s be golden or leave a lot to be d’Siren?

Mr. Kirk Douglas – 

“With a January special of 50%, this IMHO has got to be THE best Value for money Toast so far. With 14 of us dirty great hunks rocking up, it was akin to the next film in the Ocean’s saga but with more beards.

The venue itself is a bit odd for a foodie venue, but once you get your head around not being in FACT, you settle in. The service was brilliant, only seemed to be two members of staff, but they were never flustered, very attentive, smiley and nothing was too much trouble.

The FE did what we always want at a Toast – offer something different. The homefries were crushed potato with an onion and green pepper kind of affair and it added the difference.

The eggs (2 how you like) were spot on for me, the sausage was lovely, bacon a little hard but nice nonetheless. The beans – props to them for the haricot/butterbean combo in a lovely sauce, I was bang into them and a welcome change. Free refills on the coffee and an amazing cappuccino left only one thing to get to THE TOAST. As a not massive Toast fan this was THE nicest I’ve ever tasted, the butter, the temperature, just swell. I even kept the tomato and that was great too.

The addition of a free halloumi only confounded the inevitable…this was going to be a TOP TOAST.

.points were knocked off for no black pudding, one of the Toasters came out a bit late, but with the size of the group I can’t hold it against them. I was full for the rest of the day but not stuffed and no repetition of any foods left me desirin’ more Siren.

9/10. 2014 is going to be great based on this!”

Terry Snatchett – Siren McKellen.

“I haven’t posted a review for a while and after seeing the rather mixed missives, I thought I’d add my sausage to the tin.

I usually judge the establishments on their ability to do something special with a classic FE. To think ‘outside the shell’ after a ‘bean-storming session’, if you will. Siren had homemade beans & homefries on the menu for the FE and once I heard FTP add halloumi to his, I swiftly changed my order with its addition, sending cheesey whispers down the table.

The mixed beans in a slightly spicy tomato sauce worked great with the sausage and though the name was misleading, the homefries of new potatoes, pepper and onion brought a burst of colour and taste to the plate. The bacon was a little over cooked, yet with floppy, pale rind. If you’re going to mess up the bacon at least give me some crispy fat! 2 eggs, cooked as you like, addressed another of my pet hates – when they only give you ONE of every item.

When the toast arrived, I quickly realised the bread was supplied by the local Baltic Bakehouse. Dripping in butter, it really is some of the best cooked bread around. After the brekkie, I paid the Bakehouse a visit with The Jester to buy a loaf, so I could take some home for the Mrs. As he’s a bit tight and I’m a bit skint we shared the cost of a £3.50 loaf. I got 5 slices out of that half loaf, so when you consider that’s 35p for a slice of bread, the fact that the Brekkie, with coffee came in under a fiver (with Indie Liverpool Card) this was one of the best value TOAST’s yet.

This for me was close to toppling the Clove Hitch’s crown, so I looked back over previous reviews to see what I gave it. I discovered I hadn’t been arsed to write one, so I’m going for a 8.75 / 10 (minus points for no black pudding & floppy rind).”

The Jester – This sailor will be lured back again.

“Took me a while to find this place, it looks like an office building outside -which is just as well as it is an office building.

On arrival I only noticed one service staff, I thought this will be a major issue as the venue was pretty full – to their credit service was friendly and efficient.

Usual full English for me with choice of how you’d like eggs. However – I would not call this a proper FE. Instead of black pudding there were home fries – a combo of pepper, potato and possibly leeks; nice enough. They had their own take on baked beans and they were good. Mine were cold though but don’t recall hearing any other complaints. Sausage was top notch but bacon over cooked. Toast was amazing; I don’t think I have ever enjoyed toast so much in a café – so much so a bunch of us headed straight over to Baltic Bake house to buy a loaf (half a loaf when we discovered it was £3.50). Points deducted for missing key ingredients, cold beans and poached eggs over cooked. Extra points for limited staff and price.

Decent but slightly subdued banter. Not sure if this was venue or our crescent like table layout.

Even at full price you have value for money – at 50% off an absolute bargain.


Deffo going again”

Plotatron 9000 –

“Siren at first glance seems a touch cold and sterile but a warm welcome from a lone waitress quickly dispelled initial hesitation. A fine coffee soon made my acquaintance and I was delighted to learn of the free refill at the weekends policy. As the gentlemen of toast filtered in thr bants were soon flowing, anchorman in the ghetto via steve mcqueen being a firm favouriteof mine.

As orders were taken a rogue pancake order had the table aghast and a house of lords type protest seemed on the cards with bits of napkins being waved by horrified lords of toastbury! The offending Peer rescinded his order and normal service was resumed.

As my FE with halloumi arrived (preceded by mount toast) I found it to be a mixed grill so to speak. As a gentleman of celtic descent I am welcome to potatoes in any guise as long as they are cooked well and suitable for the meal in which they reside. The “home fries” at Siren were neither of these. Slightly mealy and mushy with bland, unseasoned peppers and onion. The beans weren’t cooked fully and I found them hard and not very flavourful. Decent sausage and bacon but only one of each seemed curmudgeonly.

If the locally baked toast (baltic bakehouse) and eggs hadn’t been near perfection then this would have gotten my new year of toasting off to a bad start. Just glad I had a 50% discount due to the independent Liverpool card. 6.2/10 bad beans, silly spuds, cracking coffee, tremendous toast.”

The Steward – 

“A Baltic breeze delivered me in a disheveled fashion into this bright, almost celestial cafe that we had chosen for our latest jaunt. After a quick grapple with the door, I was in. The building inspired a few impressed cooing noises from the fellas and a quick look at the menu turned these appreciative noises up a notch.

This was not your bog standard Full English (FE), but a rip roaring selection of stuff yer face goodies that made the usually simple act of ordering breakfast a rather more cerebral challenge. The Turkish eggs with garlic yoghurt surely would have been a ‘delight’ (soz) and after a minuscule dinner the night before my burger loving brain paid more than lip service to the potential of a breakfast burger (beef burger with bacon, cheese, fried egg and maple alioli!) Flipping eck this place felt good! I settled for the FE as I felt it sounded boss and that’s the whole ruddy point of this group so the other wonders can wait for another day. I had a terrific case of halitosis from a teeth brushing rush job, so I for one was glad of the tastefully appointed bottles of water on the table. I noted the very generous free tea and filter coffee but went for a fresh orange which was pretty decent.

As the food came wafting out of the kitchen I was eagerly anticipating my dish. Beard after beard received their breakfasts yet I, the beardless wonder, had been forgotten about. I guess a beard must be some sort of masonic device as the rest of the mob had received their meals and pretty much polished them off by the time mine arrived. To their credit the boss lady admitted their boo boo and acknowledged she had miscounted. This seemed to give me a few soz points as I got an extra rasher of bacon. I have to say I was famished by this time so I carried out a relentless purge upon all of the items on my plate. The sausage was a symphony, a real belting banger. The bacon was a bit too crisp for me but I still had it off. The home made beans were a real bonus as I counted at least 10 of my 5 a day in the bean mix and they were very tasty. I loved the potatoes with the peppers in and I can only add my approval to the gushing praise of the toast. It was a whopping cut and absolutely sumptuous!

Further surprises came when I paid and was given a very generous discount for my wait. All in all this was a brilliant start to the day and as others have mentioned this breakfast went down a treat and kept me fuller for longer. I will be back to try other dishes from the menu and I reckon we make a return in the summer months for a beer and breakfast in their outdoor area. Notice served! 7.5/10

Seaburger – 

“Siren was a whirlwind Toast for me, so I missed out on most of the bants, but I did manage to get a breakfast down before shooting off. I went for the standard FE, but this wasn’t a standard FE. All meat based items were perfect, so top marks there. I’m going to have to disagree with people on the crushed potatoes though – I’m all for potatoes, but crushing them doesn’t alter their genetic make-up enough to warrant inclusion in a breakfast. My poached eggs were completely overdone too which was a little disappointing. Their clever spin on beans was a refreshing addition, and the toast was wonderful but the eggs & potatoes let this down for me. Would definitely go back to give it another go though. A potato squashing 6.8/10

Johnny Concrete – 

“The name of the venue was rather apt! Barely £6 for a breakie with several beverages, someone call the police, I felt like I was robbing them blind (technically I was as I borrowed The Jester‘s independent card to gain my discount, I will get one soon, just want to make sure the affiliated businesses survive January first)

Venue a little different but handsomely bathed in light. The service superb, one very accommodating blonde lady taking everything in her stride like some sort of Baltic Barbara Windsor. She was unflustered throughout and even kept The Steward waiting, the first and last time a lady has ever done that.

To call the breakfast a revelation might be over egging (yes) it but it was the finest FE I’ve had in a long time. Top class ingredients, immense imaginative beans and toast that was out of this world.

Top class bantz, FTP dropped the c bomb quite a few times and mother goose were there a lot of beards.

All in, a 9.3 out of ten and I will be back soon to sample the other items from a fine breakie menu. Jegshemesh.”

Wolf –

“New year, new venue. Over a dozen lids rocked up to Siren in the resurgent Baltic Quarter ready for some yummy brekkie, and they weren’t disappointed. The venue had an unusual feel to most Toast spots, it seems more geared up for weekday food for the staff in the building and the surrounding area, but it was all clean and pleasant and the glass frontage meant there was lots of lovely natural light.The filter coffee, which appeared to have free refills, was bang on and set the tone nicely. Orders, including a multitude of requests for extra halloumi, were taken with no fuss whatsoever. I decided to break from the norm and go for the smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on toast. What. A. Treat. The scrambled eggs were cooked perfectly and nicely seasoned, with a bit of caper creme fraiche on top complementing the flavours perfectly, on top of the lovely toast made from bread baked round the corner with all crunchy crust and stuff.

Highly recommend this venue if you’re in the area for a bit of brunch, I’ll certainly be making a return visit. If you have one of the Independent Liverpool card thingies you can get a discount too. Terrific. 9/10

The Prince – 


Thought the portions were small on arrival but they were actually perfect. Was pleasantly stuffed by the time I left.

Veggie Saus was a bit dry.
Poachies were done nicely. Nice seasoning on them too.
Standout item for me where probably the beans. Belter. Nice seasonsing on those too laz. Can remember a previous toast jaunt where they done them like this. Thumbs up. Made the grilled tomato less boring too.
Halloumi – nyom.
TOAST – epic bread – loads of butter. What we like. Go ed.
Latte decent.
OJ nice.


Bright and clean.
Bogs were the cleanest toilets Ive seen in at a toast expedition yet. Not too sure about the bowel awareness poster before I ate though. Leave it aht.
(And in case you were wondering the hand dryer was a weak ass bitch)

Some discounted efforts going off which left the trip on a high point.

I will go for a 7.4


“The first toast of 2014 and if all toasts are as enjoyable as this then 2014 will be a vintage year. Siren is all the way out on the Baltic quarter, which does feel out of the way but it makes up for it with impressive service, a decent menu, top quality produce, all at a competitive price (especially today with the independent Liverpool card discount).

I ordered the traditional full English and was pleased with Siren’s take, a home made mixed beans replacing dull baked beans, and potato’s fried with green peppers accompanying a sausage, two perfectly cooked eggs (your choice of style) grilled tomato, and bacon. The portion size was spot on, as was the absence of grease leaving no lingering affects later in the day. Special mention has to be made for the toast, from the local baltic bakery, which was the best toast I’ve had in all the toasts i’ve been on.

The service as I said earlier was impressive, prompt, and happy to add halloumi to our orders. This was especially impressive as it seemed to be the one lady, taking orders, cooking the food, and manning the till.

Away from the food it was great to see a big attendance with the usually classy banter. It was certainly news to me that Steve McQueen was directing Anchorman 3 set in the Warsaw Ghetto during the Holocaust. That’s definitely a comedy to look forward to!

Back to Siren and the rating. A great 8.5 for me”

Total 8.045/10

A fantastic score for a new venue with elements split across the table, the lack of black pudding was universal and the bacon seemed to be a bit of a talking point but the halloumi was met with sheer bliss and would probably be the perfect substitute for a black pudding….for some. The home fries came down to personal preference and it was a complete 50/50 on them!
We always look for things being done a little bit differently to be a stand out toast and Siren had that in abundance, although it was down to the individual Toaster. Well done Siren a FE to be commended on!
NOTE – In the two weeks since visiting Siren, there have been 3 return visits by some Toasters!