Hopskotch Street Kitchen  is the brand new restaurant on the corner of Mathew St and Stanley St. Often known as Bell-end central, the place seems that it could be the pioneering venue to breakdown the traditional Mathew St Bar and the BEST thing about it is you don’t have to walk down Mathew St to get there.

The breakfast menu was vast…VAST….this was going to be a test for the loyal Toasters as whether to stray from the traditional full English and get a foot in each funnel on the Stena line and smash in the Full Irish.

The Salivation Army were drooling at the grid – TO THE REVIEWS!

Plotatron 9000 – 

“Having braved the centre of the twativerse in the shape of Mathew st I found myself the first to arrive to the newest breakfasterie in town. with a decent coffee in hand I awaited the rest of the toast brigade. proceedings kicked off with me being mistaken for the Scottish guy out of fresh meat – and what meat it was, quality pork and leek sausage with black and white puddings! Stick on the spud cakes and not soda soda bread we’re in for a treat. 

Not even the weird guy looking at us from his sex dungeon above the white star put us off a topnotch hopskotch. 8.75/10

Jungle Trouble –

“Hopskotch, the breakfast that filled.

Amazing brekko. The sausages were to die for. Probably, and easily, the best sausages I’ve had in the whole of my time toasting. They were juicy, tasty and clearly not your usual batch bought supermarket brand. I feel I need to talk about the sausages some more but my words wont do their succulent taste any justice. Head on down and get some sausage in you.

Sausage. 9/10″

Mr. Kirk Douglas –

“Hopskotch delivers. The Full Irish was the inspired choice with all ingredients spot on – the white pudding was great and the sausages amazes.

The soda bread was the only thing to be faulted as it was a bit like normal toast in fancy dress for Paddys Day.

Service, coffee and venue perfect – 9/10″

The Prince –

Hopskotch is the best thing in Mathew Street. I know its not saying much. But its a beast.

Attentive staff. Very attentive. Guy behind the bar was sound. The girl (Chantelle?) was lovely. They couldn’t have helped us more. The building was ace. Nice and light. Roomy. Good use of colour scheme. No phone signal. Which is boss – should have this more often at Toast. Free wifi was also good to have just in case.

Coffee – my latte came out and it was a bit small. But the coffee itself was shound. Done the job. Excellento. Those that had tea had cute milk holder cups and shit. 

From the word go SWAPSIES were allowed. WIN.

The FE was a BELTER. Sausages were ridiculously nice. Just right. Not too fatty or greasy. Nice seasoning. Shame there was only one of these. The bacon was decent too. The grilled tomato – even though I never touched it. Was done perfectly.

The egg. Fried. – no option to change how its done (or its not stated anyway). But the best fried egg I’ve seen in a a restaurant. No burning or black or brown edges. Laffin!

I can’t remember much else from it. Except top grade banter and leaving feeling VERY satisfied. Definitely would go again / recommend. The only thing I can think of if I had to be severely critical was that the bacon was a little too fatty.

A solid 9/10 from me – Go Hopskotch!

Grill Scoff Herring –

“It was lovely weather for a Toast and Grill Scoff Herring was tired but excited to see a banter weight of lads tucking into a high quality brekbrek. 

As I’d said before I would only ever vier from the standard FE if the FI was available so Full Irish it was. I’d never tried White Pudding before and boy was I in for a triddledydiddlyeat.

Excellent food. Presentation was spot on, service friendly and bantoon was dealt round the table like a full deck of aces. 

8/10 Hopscorch”

Clarence Boddicker –

Give us a fiver and I’ll show you my breakfast. 

Waking up with the captain at half mast I knew a TOAST outing was on the cards. The gentlemen’s alternative to rag week only with less moaning and blood kicked off to a great start of high fives all round. I haven’t been for 3 months that have seemed like an eternity so was glad to find bantanamo bay was as in good a fettle as ever. 
With a Full Irish on the menu there was only one way I was going this morning. I also had the Belfast Brew to compliment and what a fine brew it was. All the ingredients laid before me were smashing and I scranned the lot. My only moan was they had what looked like a cracking air conditioning set up that seemed to be laying dormant, not even fanning myself with my menu dropped the hint that I would of liked it turned on.  Can’t fault the service.  8.7/10″

Ab Fab – 

“Late, late, late. I guess that may now be my thing. Oh and being a veggie. I wasn’ impressed with the veggie breakfast – the same as a full English but no meat and extra veg and hash browns. So hash browns beans and mushrooms. However they had a novel veggie dish, the Migas, which was scrambled eggs, potatoes and peppers on a tortilla. It was nice although I expected it to be wrapped and instead it was toasted, resulting in bits flying everywhere when trying to cut it. 

For all that, it tasted good, especially with a bit of hot sauce and although ordered about 20mins after everyone else I got my food bare minutes after them. 

The service was lovely, the company, as always, couldn’t be beat. I would give 7/10 but they gave a refresher bar to us with our bill so 8/10″

Jester Fortune

“Located on the edge of Cuntsville, I was apprehensive walking to another of Liverpool’s new eateries. En route I only bumped into one stag do so things started to look up. Firstly the service – spot on, nothing was any trouble. Usual full English for me, I must admit I was envious of the ladz who ordered an Irish breakfast. As I have stated many times the quality of the sausage is usually a good indicator of the ingredients and boy this was a good sausage. Bacon was cooked to the way I like it an everything else was spot on. My only issue is there was not enough food but for a fiver a meal of this quality is a bargain. I look forward to trying the rest of their menu.  8.2/10″

Luther Two-Tashe –

“GOPS CROTCH!! For a fiver this was great value. Just the right amount of food, and the option of the Irish was a great choice. Ingredients were all good quality and the staff were brilliant. 

Ups: service, sausage, white pudding and the ladz. 
Downs: bacon and black pud were a little underdone for me. 

Venue was ace, location may be challenging, but I look forward to it attempting to dab the tip of the Mathew st turd in glitter. 

Overall, a solid 8.3/10

Wolf –

That was tasty. I had the Irish breakfast, which was excellent. There were a few distressing moments when I realised that my breakfast had not been furnished with a sausage, the quality of which had already been exalted by my fellow toasters. Thankfully a quick word with the lovely waitress was enough and I was soon united with a delicious sausage. If I were to pick faults with the food I would say that the bacon was a little underdone to my taste, and I love the stuff so prefer there to be two rashers, but I’m being picky. The truth is the food was great. 

The service was spot on, dealing well with our continual demand for coffee and orange juice and bringing our food promptly. 

Black pudding done well will always lead to a high score from me. 8.5/10

Overall – 8.5/10

Final Thoughts – A fantastic workshop in how to do breakfasts, not a score lower than 8 across the board which is a belter. We’re excited to see more of this place and as they serve daily from 8am – it could be an on the way to work scran stop.

Excellent work Hopskotch and thanks for giving Mathew Street something for the non-Beatles lovers or weapons to be proud of!