The Quarter

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We went The Quarter a while ago. Personally I’ve had some great food here, but never a breakfast. I’m not sure I’d go back again. Breakfast seems to be a very different world here.

 Jungle Trouble – “I was disappointed with the whole affair to be honest. There was boss lads and banter but that’s a given at Toast and isn’t exactly provided by the establishment.

Food was warm at best, tomatoes weren’t cooked properly, and I was shocked to find you’re only given the one sausage with your meal. Eggs were alright but not very big so I doubt they were free range.

Coffe, an orange juice and the whopping breakfast cost me nearly 13 quid, at that price I would have expected to take the cutlery home, or at least one of the waitresses. All this not boding well as it was, the icing on the cake was with the waiter’s arsey attitude. After waiting ten minutes I actually had to *ask* him for our tenner change back (that he obviously assumed as a tip) and when he returned he practically threw it on the table at me. I half expected him to spit in my eye. 6/10

Mr. Kirk Douglas – “I was looking forward to this toast with much anticipation. Doug Quade’s late arrival brought a tear to my eye…with the sheer stench of booze.

The price was a bit steep without a tea and the full English didn’t include beans, which is insane. When it came it was all a bit lukewarm and wasn’t great really. With a cuppa and orange you’re looking at £12 for an average full English with drinks. Nice enough but was probably worth about ‘ a Quarter’ of the price.

6/10 they don’t do things by halves!”

Terry Snatchett – “Bit. Fucking. Cold. Also… no beans on the normal breakfast. Only for Kirk’s initial want of a replacement for tomato were beans mentioned.

5/10 Thank fuck for the beans.”

Mr. Kay – “I wrote a boss review that seems to have got lost in geekdom somewhere. Anyway, can’t be arsed writing more so I’ll keep it short…

Everything could’ve been better. Except us ladz. 6/10

Johnny Concrete – “Ooft, where to start. We had a great table and initially excitement was high, hungry men awaited rich (pricey menu) pickings. I bucked the trend by a) Ordering Eggs Benedict and b) Not trying to swap everything for beans.

Mine was tasty without blowing my mind (Moose do a far better/bigger version) and given the fact I felt compelled to order a Pain Au Chocolat to satisfy my hunger….well that should simply never have to happen.

I can only muster 6/10 for this which was not helped by the fact we had to ask for change. Overall the quarter was a real surprise, do they need to improve……not half!”

8 Foot – “I couldn’t fault the food at the Quarter today and the banter was top notch. I didn’t eat and did all the talking.”

 Grill Scoff Herring – “Looks like I missed the right Toast event here. Phew!”

Overall Score – 5.8/10

Final Thoughts – Why do I even fucking do these final thoughts? In fairness The Quarter does some great food and I can only hope that this particular breakfast was a monumental fuck-up.